1. 201HRM Employment Law and Corporate Sustainability 9 items
    1. Essential reading 1 item
      1. Employment law: an introduction - Stephen Taylor, Astra Emir 2015


    2. Course BESU195 BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management Custom Text 0 items
      Chapter 5 - from Deborah J Lockton. 2014. Employment Law. 9th Ed.
    3. Recommended reading 5 items
      1. Employment law - A. C. L. Davies 2015 (electronic resource)


      2. Employment law in context: an introduction for HR professionals - Brian Willey, Adrian Murton 2012 (electronic resource)

        Book  This is included on the reading list as it is a useful online resource but please note that it is a 5 year old text and some aspects may be out of date.

      3. Employment law: the essentials - David Lewis, Malcolm Sargeant 2013

        Book  A 2015, 13th edition, of this text is available

      4. Cases and materials on employment law - Richard W. Painter, Ann E. M. Holmes 2015


    4. Journals 3 items
  2. Media Resources 1 item
    1. Employment law masterclass 2014 - Daniel Barnett 2014 (dvd)

      Audio-visual document